About Whispering Shelties

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Where We Are Going...

For me, this Sheltie journey has always been about soundness - of body and mind. I am constantly striving to be the kind of breeder that celebrates and honors what the breed is supposed to be - for others as well as myself. I've been very proud of the strides my breeding program has taken in the last several years - both in the overall quality of my dogs and in my knowledge as a breeder. 
As I go forward my hope for my Shelties continues to be that I'll breed puppies that will bring joy and laughter into other people's homes as well as my own. And I hope I'll be able to continue to prove the soundness of my Shelties in the Breed ring. The concept of a truly sound, stable Sheltie is incredibly important to me. Through my years of being owned by this wonderful breed I have learned that they are so much more when they have correct, stable structure, and an adept, eager to learn mind, and a healthy body built for longevity.
My puppies are born and raised as a part of the household. My dogs are my companions and best friends and share my days and nights with me because that is why I have dogs in my life.  

Where We Have Been...

Whispering Shelties began as a shared dream between my mother, Penny, and I. Mom add our first Sheltie to our family when I was 7 years old... and we were hooked. For 20+ years there has been at least one Sheltie in our lives and I can't imagine it any other way.
My sister, Karly, has also been a part of the journey in some form over the years. Karly is currently attending college classes after a break taken to spend time with Mom after we learned she had cancer.
Mom lost her battle with cancer in April of 2009. It's still not something we can fully wrap our heads around. Mom has been my best friend my entire life and continuing on with something that we started together has been surreal as well as giving me something I can hold on to.