Whispering Girls

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Dynestar Whispering A New Hope

Ch. Kell Renaissance x Apple Acres Fine Silver
"Leia" is White Factored and Bi- Factored and is a nice moderate 14 3/4 inches."Leia" has pretty, sound angulation and a gorgeous open side gait. Her elegant outline and pretty face adds a shiny wrapper to her sound body. And she has one of those sparkly, "look at me" attitudes to boot! "Leia" LOVES being a show dog and makes it an absolute blast for me in the ring - assuming she chooses to behave and doesn't have her own personal party!
"Leia" stands at 8 points after picking up 5 singles in June 2011. Time to start hunting for her majors!
Eyes are CERF Normal, Thyroid TGAA Normal, and hips will be done in the near future.
A HUGE thanks to Leia's breeder and co-owner, Wendy Dynes (Dynestar Shelties), for sharing this wonderful girl with me!

Whispering Odyssey Infatuation

Apple Acres Odyssey Aquarius x Odyssey Obsession
"Crush" is bi-factored and not white factored and stands at 15 inches. Crush has a beautiful soft, dark correctly set eye with a pretty face, ample bone and substance for her size, and carries a big plush coat. She is absolutely one of my heart dogs. She is terminally silly and always upbeat and ready for something fun. And she's ALL about her people. She's one of the most tuned in, biddable, eager to please Shelties I've ever met and she'd literally jump through flaming hoops if I asked her to. For me, that is what true Sheltie temperament is about.
"Crush" picked up 5 points in VERY limited showing this last fall. She'll be back out again once she orders a new wardrobe!
Crush's eyes are CERF Normal, Thyroid TGAA Normal, and hips are pending. Crush is co-owned and was co-bred with Kim Watt of Odyssey Shelties.

Ch. Apple Acres Aloha

Ch.Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM x Apple Acres Tanzanite
"Maui" is White Factored and Bi Factored and stands at 14 1/2 inches. "Maui" has a gorgeous, sound body (beautiful shoulder layback, long upper arm, pretty bend of stifle) with an elegant outline. She's a bouncy, bubbly girl who is always ready for a party and LOVES attention.
"Maui" is from a litter I bred and was Locklyn Guzman's (her co-breeder) "puppy back" out of her mother. Locklyn very kindly offered to share Maui with me and thus she came back to Whispering Shelties. I absolutely adore this little girl and am so happy to be able to share her.
"Maui" picked up her first point in June 2010 at the ICSC Shows... hopefully the first of many...
Her eyes are CERF Normal. Other tests pending...
"Maui" picked up another point on 09/02/2011 at the Tri City KC show under breeder/judge Lloyd Graser Jr. She was also RWB on 09/03/2011, Best BBE, and Bred By Group 4. She follows up with a 3 point major at the DMSSC specialty going WB/BOW/BOS over specials on 09/09/11 and then picks up another 2 points no 09/10/11.  Then, Maui goes WB/BOW at the Rochester KC shows on 09/17/2011 for another 2 points. THEN, Maui goes WB/BOW at the Mason City KC shows on 10/15/2011 for another major and follows up by going WB on 10/16/2011 for another 2 points. She is now at 14 points with both majors in just a handful of weekends! We're so proud of Maui! She's on a roll and tearing up the ring! Just 1 more point...
NEWSFLASH!!! Maui is now Champion Apple Acres Aloha! She finished in style with a 4 point specialty major under judge Robin McTaggart at the Midlands SSC show on October 21, 2011! She then went BOS on October 22nd for her first Major towards her Grand Championship! Maui makes Champion #44 for her sire as well!

Kell Whispering Perfect Vault

Ch.Kell Wizard Of Aladdin x Kell Perfect Swing
"Pickapea" is white factored and stands at 15 inches. This pretty sable girl has an elegant, floating side gait, and elegant body style that is just plain fun to watch. And can we say "Personality".  "Pick" named herself (she disliked her originally given name and Pickapea was what she chose to come to...), and definitely has opinions about how the world should work. She is confident, and knows what she likes. If she likes you... you feel worshipped and adored!
Pick is not a puppy flyer and is JUST starting to be shown in the ring at 3 years old. In the meantime, she's taken a turn in the whelping box and has a couple of promising kids on the ground.
Her eyes are CERF Normal and Thyroid is TGAA Normal.
Pickapea was bred by and is co-owned with Jeannette Powers-Hodson and Amy Massey.
Pictures coming soon...

Odyssey Obsession

Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey On Parade x Odyssey In The Spotlight
"Peggy" is White Factored and Bi-Factored and stands at 15 3/4 inches. Peggy has one of the prettiest fronts I've laid my hands on with a beautiful shoulder layback and long long upper arm. She also has a sound rear, sound movement, and a beautiful, dark eye. Peggy is an absolute sweetheart with one of those devoted, biddable personalities that is what made me fall in love with this breed. She's quiet, easy to live with, and just a kind, gentle soul.
"Peggy" is one of those girls who has outstanding virtues, but a couple of small things that will keep her out of the ring. She has, however, proven herself to be an excellent producer. She has one champion already (Ch.Okie's Tie One On - sired by Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair) and three more pointed daughters (Odyssey Whispering Allure - who also made a deep cut in her class at the 2009 ASSA National - Odyssey Sunazie Celebration, and our own Whispering Odyssey Infatuation who currently has 5 points).
Peggy's hips are OFA Good, eyes CERF Normal, and Thyroid is TGAA Normal.

Whispering Kell Genuine

Odyssey Amanti x Kell Ribbons O Moonlight
"Gennie" is the definition of a little doll. This sweet, gentle, calm, happy girl is just a ton of fun. She's also quite full of herself and SURE she is the neatest thing with fur. I LOVE her pretty lean, light head, sweet eye, pretty angles and effortless side gait. This sweet, silly girl has a beautiful outline and TONS of hair. I was lucky enough to be able to lease her dam from Kell Shelties for the litter and couldn't be happier with what I got! Gennie is in between wardrobes, but will be back out in the ring when she coats back up.
Gennie is co bred and co owned with Jeannette Powers-Hodson and Amy Massey.
Gennie is pictured at around 8 weeks of age. New pictures coming soon!


Odyssey Apple Acres Busy Signal

Ch. Aynsworth No Moon Tonight x Ch. Odyssey Trimmed In Lace ROM

"Bindy" is an adorable little Bi Black girl who is quite sure she is the queen of the world. This happy, fun loving girl is one of those "born to show" dogs and started off her show career with a 4 point major under judge Marcia Bittner at the Iowa City Shetland Sheepdog Club show her very first time in the ring. She followed up with a major reserve under Debra Nordby later that same day.

"Bindy" was bred by Kim Watt and is co owned with Locklyn Guzman, Amy Massey, and Jeannette Powers-Hodson.